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Anthropocene, the movie

Written by Valentin Lucet I have been wanting to write about the documentary Anthropocene, the human epoch for a little while. I had the chance to go see the movie at the student theatre at the Université de Montreal with a few other grad students….

A scientist goes to an art gallery and finds her place

Written by Lindsay Potts As I parked my bike outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) earlier this month, the exhibit announced itself on long banners with imposing block letters: Anthropocene. Anthropocene is a term that I am very familiar with, having been…

Where To Begin: Realizing the Connecting Conservation Mission

Written by Kathleen Godfrey Connecting Conservation is an initiative conceived of and powered by a four person team of current and former McGill University students coming from different academic and life experience backgrounds, and who have varied skill sets and passions. That being said,…

Join the Conversation: Call for Collaborators

What is “Conservation”?

What does the word “conservation” mean? If we take an etymological approach, we find its roots in the late 14th century noun conservacioun, or the “preservation of health and soundness, maintenance in good condition, act of guarding or keeping with care,” from the Latin…