What We Do

Connecting Conservation promotes the exchange of conservation ideas across disciplines and communities. To do this, we connect with a diversity of people and organizations to discuss and learn about topics related to sustainability, biological preservation, cultural conservation, and more. Our aim is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue, thereby dissolving barriers between the social and natural sciences and between practitioners and the general public. Our approach is rooted in interdisciplinarity and accessibility.

Interdisciplinarity: connecting natural and social realms

We recognize that conservation is both a biological and cultural practice. Therefore, we aim to provide content that offers viewpoints from different disciplines and arenas (e.g. ecology, anthropology, resource management, geography, political science, the not-for-profit sector). We aspire to encourage dialogue between people to generate new solutions for socio-environmental issues  and break down arbitrary, now out-of-date, ‘knowledge silos’. 

Accessibility: connecting practitioners and the public

We believe that biological and cultural conservation – among so many other topics we discuss – are concerns for everyone. We also believe that everyone should be able to understand conservation knowledge. Our goal is to make the work of conservation practitioners and activists more accessible and empower the public with knowledge to engage in conservation discussions, and tap into new interests.

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